James Melinz

Transportation and Logistics

James has been a key member of Schaltkulisse for as long as we can remember. Don’t be fooled by his oldschool Bavarian attitude and his sometimes dark humour, because James does mean business. If you call him in the middle of the night and tell him that a car needs to be transported to the north of Denmark by tomorrow evening, he will literally get ready and hit the road in the same hour, to bring the car safe and sound before sunset. Such is his dedication and reliability: you can always count on him to find a solution and make it happen. Around a cold Bavarian beer, he will tell you about all the stories and adventures he’s been through, the cars he got to drive over the years, and the people he met, especially the racing drivers. Because James does have a special place in his heart for everything motorsport, he loves the smell of gazoline and of rubber on the tarmac. He seizes every opportunity to hit the track, be it getting first place in go-kart or overtaking much more powerful race cars in his track-prepared Porsche 911 RSR tribute, which used to belong to none other than racing legend Stefan Bellof himself. It is his pride and joy.

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