Kevin braun

Founder & CEO

After drooling over pictures of cars and their performance figures in magazines as a child, and observing every little detail of his scaled model of a 288 GTO which he was gifted as a small boy for being brave at the dentist, Kevin’s dream of owning his own car business was stuck in his mind, so much so that after working for a few years at Ferrari Financial Services, he left everything behind, and with just about enough funds to found a company, he created Schaltkulisse in 2010. His relentless efforts, integrity, quality of work and belief in the collector car market brought Schaltkulisse to a whole new dimension in just a few years’ time. What started as a one-man show is now an international company that counts 10 team members, a showroom, workshop, storage facility in Munich and a new showroom under construction in Miami.

Kevin’s success story means he spends a large part of his day on the phone, be it with business partners or with customers, looking for the next Ferrari prototype or the next expenditure opportunity. He flies around the world to meet loyal clients and goes out of his way to find the missing pieces to their collections. His German and English upbringings strongly influenced his business sense and taste in cars, and also means that he is perfectly fluent in both languages. He has an extremely wide and deep knowledge of cars, especially 60’s Ferrari’s, and an appreciation for everything hisorically significant, rare, special, and beautiful. His eye for collector and investment grade vehicles helped him source some of the most exclusive automobiles over the years, such as one of three Bugatti EB112’s ever built, Ferrari 250 SWB’s, delivery-mileage Porsche 959 Sport, and so on.

When he is not on the other side of the globe looking for cars, Kevin spends time with his two daughters and wife, likes to cook Italian, and of course, takes the one or other of his cars on a spirited drive in the Bavarian countryside or in Italy. He particularly enjoys taking the F430 Challenge and Aston Martin DBRS9 for a few heated laps. He is also an avid fan of football and if he wasn’t in the car business, kicking a ball would have made him a happy lad as well.

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The Team Behind Schaltkulisse


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