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275 GTB/4

Make: Ferrari

Model: 275 GTB/4
Year of Manufacture: 1967

Exterior: Rosso Chiaro (20-R-190)

Price: On request

Key Facts:


When we think of 60’s Ferrari’s, the first car that comes up to mind is the 275 GTB. It is absurdly beautiful, stunning in every aspect. One of the finest automobiles ever built and undisputedly one of the most engaging to drive. It would shape most of the modern GT’s from the brand, starting with the 550 Maranello in the late 90’s and now more recently the 812 Superfast, with their front V12 engine layout and similar design language. The first version of the 275 GTB, now known as the “Short nose”, came out in 1964 and replaced the long and successful 250 series. Due to the nose lifting at high speeds, the front was modified and what we nowadays know as the 275 “Long nose” was born. Arguably the most desirable evolution of the 275, the four-cam, arrived in 1966. The Colombo V12 was now boasting four overhead camshafts, a competition-derived dry-sump lubrication, and six Weber 40 DCN/9 carburetors. In total, only 330 were ever made.

Our 275 GTB/4

Our Ferrari 275 GTB/4 was born in 1967 in Rosso Chiaro (20-R-190) over a Pelle Nera (VM 8500) interior. It was delivered new to official dealer Motor S.a.s. di Carla Allegretti in Rome, Italy. Its first custodian acquired it in 1968 and in the years that followed, the car was exported to the USA. In 1972, it was passed on to Richard Caradori from Langdon (MO) and it stayed in his custody until the late 80’s, where it was advertised for sale in Ferrari Market Letter in 1989. The 275 was advertised in its original color combination with 28,000 original kilometers on the clock and described as fully original. Chassis 10643 was sold and found its way to Germany, where it was registered in Main-Taunus-Kreis, a city near Frankfurt. In May 1998, Mr. Vincenzo Scandurra from Bergamo in Italy bought the GTB/4, and a few months later in August, sold it to Mr. Emilio “Chico” Gnutti from Brescia, who kept the car 15 years until 2013, where it was auctioned by RM Sotheby’s and acquired by its last owner in Switzerland, from whom we have bought the car in 2023.

Chassis 10643 was awarded a Ferrari Classiche certificate in 2006 which confirms the originality of the car, as it is fully matching numbers and still wears its original exterior and interior colors. The car has been exceptionally well preserved over the years and it has never been restored. Its history and low number of owners suggest that the car has been preserved and that it hasn’t been resprayed or retrimmed. This originality is also confirmed by the beautiful patina present in the interior as well as the old red paint, original seals and rubbers, and low original mileage. This is probably one of a handful 275 GTB/4’s worldwide still in their original condition.

The Berlinetta has benefitted from a very caring owner in the last 10 years, who spared no expense in maintaining it and making it behave like a Swiss watch, while making sure that the originality was kept as is. A folder full of invoices documents the works that have been carried out in the last decades. A total of 190,000 Euros has been invested in the mechanical aspects of the car, while most of the works were carried out by Scuderia67 GmbH in Romanshorn. The works included a full engine revision over five months in early 2016. The owner subsequently used the car during the Ferrari Cavalcade Classiche in 2017 without skipping a beat.

Armed with a Ferrari Classiche certificate, a folder full of invoices, a Massini report, original Italian and Swiss registration documents, and much more, the provenance and history of this example is fully traceable and clearly, the car has been cherished by every owner during its life. This would then explain why the car has been conserved in such a great condition over the years and didn’t need a restoration. This is a potential winner for a preservation concours. The owner from whom we bought the car could talk hours about this GTB/4. Everything he did and invested in the car was a labor of love and every decision he took put the preservation of originality and patina in focus. Obviously, the car will be accompanied by its original toolkit and manual.

SK_S Kreis Outline


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