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We support our clients from the early stages of acquiring a car to the finish line and beyond. We are aware that making the first step towards acquiring your first classic Ferrari or modern supercar can be overwhelming and challenging.

For the Buyer

For the Buyer

We support our clients from the early stages of acquiring a car to the finish line and beyond. We are aware that making the first step towards acquiring your first classic Ferrari or modern supercar can be overwhelming and challenging. In over a decade of dealing with special automobiles, we oftentimes come across car enthusiasts and collectors who, for lack of knowledge and experience, are scared of making a faux pas and therefore let their dreams slip away. This is where our team of passionate professionals make the whole experience of purchasing your dream car or adding further jewels to your collection of automobiles an enjoyable and risk-free experience. With our extensive knowledge of classic cars as well as modern super and hyper-cars, we are able to spot what makes a quality automobile and know what to look for. We appreciate a car’s significance, originality and history, all criteria which guide us in our mission to provide only the best cars to our clients. Rest assured that we make your car related dreams our priority!

For the Seller

For the Seller

We have over a decade of experience in selling the most exclusive and coveted classics and exotics in the world. While looking for the next caretaker of your priced acquisition can be a daunting and time-consuming task, we are here to offer help and either acquire your vehicle for our personal collection, or broker it to the next owner. We have a feeling for what makes each car special, be it its special history, it’s sensual looks or its exotic provenance, and know how to shed light on these particularities. If you choose to consign your car with us, be confident that your car will be represented in the best way possible. Through our website and social media accounts, our professionally made pictures, and our beautiful showroom in the outskirts of Munich, we capture and cultivate the feelings and emotions every petrolhead dreams to experience.


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We scout the biggest and most important collections in the world for the rarest and most exclusive vehicles ever produced, from 1950’s Ferrari’s and Porsche’s to the newest limited edition super- and hypercars. Thanks to our internal database and international network, we do not leave any stone unturned in the process of finding the right car for your collection. Our database includes thousands of off-market vehicles which we match to your search criteria through the click of a button! Cars such as a rare Porsche 959 S with 500 original miles on the odometer, a 1 of 18 Ferrari 400 Superamerica LWB Aerodinamico, or the ultra-exclusive Bugatti Divo, are some of the gems we sourced for our customers.


Our engineering department makes use of a state-of-the-art workshop to cater for the needs of the most challenging and complicated automobiles. Thanks to our team of experienced mechanics and technicians, we service, maintain, and repair. Rest assured that your prized possession is between good hands, hands which have a combined experience of 40 years working on exclusive automobiles. Moreover, we closely work with some of Italy’s most talented craftsmen, such as Toni Auto, who have a generation-transmitted savoir-faire in the art of restoring classic Ferrari’s.

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We travel to the world’s most prestigious auctions and look for further quality additions to our customer’s or for our personal collection. Our experts inspect the cars on site and look for any irregularities or anomalies, and try to make sense of the vehicle’s history, before we bid for our customers. Auctions can be a dangerous place for inexperienced collectors and car enthusiasts. Thanks to our specialists, we are able to offer comprehensive consulting and advice to our clients, allowing them to acquire precious cars from auctions with peace of mind.


Thanks to our team of highly trained mechanics and technicians, we offer packages for our customers wishing to exhibit their cars on the racetrack, be it at track days or historical events such as Le Mans Classic. From transportation to the venue, to a full team of mechanics carrying out the oil and tire changes, we take care of everything behind the scenes so that you get the most out of your track experience.

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We are the only independent classic and exclusive car dealer in Germany who offers full in-house financial services, making us a one-stop business and therefore making the whole process of acquiring your dream car that much easier and more transparent.


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