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330 America

Make: Ferrari
Model: 330 America
Year of Manufacture: 1963
Km: 45.780
Exterior: Azzurro Acrilico
Interior: Blu
Price: sold

Key Facts:


The Ferrari 330 America was an interim model between the discontinued and in almost 1,000 units built Ferrari 250 GTE and the Ferrari 330 GT 2 + 2, which was introduced in January 1964. Ferrari had ushered in a new engine era and further developed the 12-cylinder 3.0 liter Colombo engine. Thus the glorious 250 now became the 330 engine. Now with 300bhp and 4.0 liter instead of 240bhp in the GTE variant. In total, only 50 units of the Ferrari 330 America were built in a short period of time at the end of 1963. After extensive research, the assumption is very likely that only about 30 vehicles in their original form still exist today.

Our Ferrari 330 America with chassis no. 5061GT was delivered new in October 1963 via Luigi Chinetti in the beautiful color combination of Azzurro Acrilico 20336 over Bleu VM3015 leather and is the 36th of 50 vehicles built. After the car had spent its early years in Ohio and California in the USA, the last North American owner John Rector from Las Vegas sold the car to Europe in 1990. Various service work was carried out by Crepaldi Auto in the 1990s. In December 2003 Steve Patti from Texas bought the car at Bonhams and Chassis 5061GT found its way back to the USA. Mr. Patti then had the car completely restored over the next 5 years. All invoices, leather / paint samples and correspondence from this time exist.

The interior was done in the correct leather with the correct color code “Blu 3015 VM”. The chassis was meticulously restored at Symbolic Cars in over 1,000 working hours. All invoices, which are very extensive, are of course included. For the painting, Maranello Concessionaires (UK) was consulted to use the absolutely correct color code “Azzuro acrilico 20336”. The entire electrics was also renewed. The full restoration was completed in 2008/2009 at a cost of around $ 175,000 to $ 200,000.

In 2009 Steve Patti sold the vehicle to Tony Best from UK. The sale originated from a meeting in Goodwood and was actually not intended by Steve Patti, but he finally gave in to the intensive effort of Mr. Best trying to purchase the car and 5061GT found its way back to Europe. Mr. Best was an absolute perfectionist and gave the already extremely good vehicle into the hands of Joe Macari (Ferrari Service Partner London) to renew the entire mechanics and upgrade some more details to the top standard he was looking for. This invoice from 2011, which is also available, amounts to a further 107,691 pounds. The total cost of the restoration work documented on several original invoices thus sums up to approx. € 300.000,-.

Today the vehicle is in wonderful overall condition. Without appearing over-restored, details such as the original Ashtrays or speakers were kept to allow 5061GT an important touch of patina and, above all, soul. The 330 America is one of the rarest models from Maranello ever and, from our own experience, is the perfect 2 + 2, as it combines the beautiful design language of the early 1960s with the noticeably more powerful and, for a GT, much more suitable engine. We have already owned and sold a relevant number of 330 Americas like the ex Nancy Sinatra 330 America and are very convinced of the model’s qualities. With a top speed of almost 160mph and 300bhp, the 330 America is probably the most elegant and fastest way to travel without having to spend over 2 million euros on a 500 Superfast.

The Ferrari Classiche certificate, complete matching numbers, the original colour combination, a very extensive history file and a long and comprehensive restoration, in addition to the extremely small number of units, leave no doubt that chassis 5061GT will be a safe investment and a real pleasure for its new owner . Theodor Fontane’s saying “The magic is always in the details” describes it very well, as only insiders will recognize by its naming on the rear that this is the significantly more powerful interim model Ferrari 330 America. Don’t miss this opportunity to own one of the rarest Ferraris from the 60s, and most importantly, an extraordinarily good and truly special Ferrari 330 America.

SK_S Kreis Outline


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