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812 Superfast

Make: Ferrari
Model: 812 Superfast
Year of Manufacture: 2018
Km: 8,600
Exterior: Grigio Ferro
Price: 379,900 EUR (319.250 EUR NET)

Key Facts:


The successor of the successful F12 Berlinetta, the 812, was presented at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. It is until this moment and in its different variants, the most recent two-seater, front-engined V12 car from Ferrari. Under its bonnet is a 6.5 liter V12 delivering 785 horsepower, sending the car to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. So powerful in fact that journalists deemed it too fast for the road.

In a world moving towards hybrids and electric cars, the 812 might just be the last of the front-engined, naturally aspirated, unelectrified Ferrari roadcars, and therefore a future collector.

Our 812 Superfast

The example we have here is one of the nicest specifications we have ever seen on an 812. Delivered new in December of 2018 through Francorchamps Motors Brussels S.A. to a German resident in Saarbrücken, the car was specified in the historic color Grigio Ferro over a Tortora leather and alcantara interior. The exterior color marries extremely well with the interior colors and materials, every detail was kept elegant yet sophisticated. The owner opted for silver wheels with black brake calipers, and subtle touches of Carbon fibre. The seats are exquisit Daytona-style bucket seats, enhancing the whole appearance of the interior. The specification is absolutely well thought out, one of the very best. The car has had three services since delivery, with the last service being carried out in November 2021. The odometer shows a mere 8,500 km. The owner even opted for a warranty extension fort he 4th and 5th year, meaning this 812 is still under warranty until the end of 2023.

A great grand tourer and an absolute beast on the road when it needs to be, the 812 shows what Ferrari is capable of when tasked to build a usable yet dynamically extremely capable cavallino. One of the last NA V12-powered cars from the brand and thus the slow end to an era of incredible sounding engines, the 812 promises to be a safe investment for future years and one hell of a car to enjoy on the roads as well.

Exterior         Extra-Range

Interior          Tortora 130426

Mats               Grigio Scuro 7518

AFS2               Adaptive Headlights with SBL function

ALDP              Alcantara Door Panels         Tortora Alcantara 2239

AUH                Headliner with Alcantara Upholstery       Tortora Alcantara 2239

ATEL              Atelier Car

BVEN              Black Air Vent Grips on Dashboard

CALB              Glossy Black Brake Calipers

CEAI               Front Bumper Mouth in Carbon Fibre

CELB              Rear Side Bumpers in Carbon Fibre

CERB              Carbon Fibre Rear Boot Trim

CEXD              Rear Diffuser in Carbon Fibre

CEXS              Carbon Fibre Underdoor Cover

CIDL               Carbon Fibre Driver Zone+LEDS

CISK               Exterior Sill Kick in Carbon

CITZ               Carbon Fibre Upper Centre Console Trim

CTU4              Centre Console in Leather  Charcoal 4304

CUPC              Carbon Fibre Hub Caps

DSHS              Coloured Upper Dashboard                      Charcoal 4304

DSIA               Alcantara Lower Dashboard          Tortora Alcantara 2239

ELEV              Suspension Lifter

EMPH             Cavallino Stitched on Headrest      Extra-Range

EXAT              Titanium Exhaust Pipes

FCWS             Carbon Fibre Front Spoiler

HELE              High Emotion Low Emission

LOGO              ‚Scuderia Ferrari’ Shields

LUDP              Colour Upon Request for Door Panel       Charcoal 4304

PAC1              Parking Camera

PDIS               Passenger Display

PNTH             Ferrari Historical Colours    Grigio Ferro Met 790

PRG1              Privacy Rear Windows

RMSV             20“ Forged Wheels

RSCD              Daytona Racing Seats          Seats, Large Size

RSES               Racing Seat Lifter

SHF1              Leather Rear Shelf               Charcoal 4304

SHF3              Leather Parcel Shelf                        Extra-Range

SNDB              High Power Hi-Fi System

SPEC              Special Equipment

STC2              Coloured Special Stitching O.R.      Extra-Range

STP1              Leather Perforated Inserts            Charcoal 4304

STW1             Coloured Steering Wheel               Charcoal 4304

TIWN             Wheel Stud Bolts in Titanium

UALZ              Upper Part of Passenger Compartment in Alcantara    Tortora Alcantara 2239

Contrasting STC2 Stitching: In Grigio 324 Thread on Leather and Tortora Alcantara and in Tortora 1228 Thread on Charcoal Leather.

Cavallini on Seat Headrests embroidered in Grigio 324 Thread.

Rear Parcel Shelf entirely in Charcoal Leather including Luggage Straps.

Rear Luggage Shelf in Black Carpet.

SK_S Kreis Outline


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