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Dino 246 GT L-Series

Make: Ferrari Dino

Model: 246 GT L-Series

Year of Manufacture: 1970

Mileage: 34,000km shown

425,000.00 EUR – EU taxes paid

Key Facts:


Named after Enzo Ferrari’s beloved son, Alfredino, the Dino was a departure from Ferrari’s big, thirsty V-12s. It was powered by a compact, race-derived, 2-liter V6, four-cam engine mounted transversely behind the driver, something never seen on a Ferrari before, as all were front-engined. Styled by Pininfarina with coachwork by Scaglietti, the Dino GT was, and still is, one of the most sensuous and beautiful designs ever made.

Following production of only 150 206 GTs, the more powerful and refined 246 GT model was introduced in March 1969. Separated across L, M, and E series (corresponding to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd), production totaled 3,761 units over the next five years and included both coupe and targa variants. Readily distinguished by their incredibly good looking center-lock “knock-off” wheels, the L-series cars are considered the rarest and most desirable of the three, at only 375 cars ever produced.

OUR 246 GT L-Series

Our Dino 246 GT L-Series, chassis 00928, was delivered new to official Ferrari dealer Charles Pozzi in Paris in October 1970, to its original French owner. The car sported the beautiful shade of Grigio Auteuil over a black interior, and of course the yellow headlights mandated by French traffic rules back in the day. Its second owner, a French gentleman, acquired the car five years later and kept it in his collection for 45 years (!). During his ownership, the Dino was painted red, otherwise keeping it in fully original condition. It was always serviced at the delivering dealer, Charles Pozzi, as documented by original invoices dating as far back as 1975, making this example incredibly well documented. Schaltkulisse acquired chassis 00928 in 2020 with the aim of returning it back to its original specification while giving it a slight makeover, preserving as much flair and originality as possible while ensuring that the Dino was always reliable and looked the part. In 2021, we entrusted the works to Auto Toni in Maranello who worked their magic, both cosmetically and mechanically, before selling the 246 GT to a local collector in Munich who cherished the car and had it both maintained and stored at Schaltkulisse Engineering. Now looking for its fourth caretaker, chassis 00928 is available for viewing at our showroom in Munich and is in fantastic cosmetic und mechanical condition!

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