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Make: Lamborghini
Model: Countach
Year of Manufacture: 1976
Km: 32.842
Exterior: Oro Metalizzatto Longchamp
Interior: Senape

Key Facts:


Lamborghini Countach LP400 Periscopio

Chassis #1120176 was built in January 1976, and finished in the colour combination of Oro Metallizzato Longchamp, with Senape (mustard) interior. Out of probably seven vehicles delivered in this finish, diverse historians suppose that all the others had accidents, or were revarnished. Chassis #1120176 is the only one remaining with this exterior.


The first owner, Jean Duquesne, was a well-known car enthusiast at the time, who already owned a Ferrari Daytona, an Iso Grifo and a Lambourghini Miura. He acquired his Countach in part-exchange for a further LP400 with 9100 km on the speedometer. On September 20, 1989, the entire “Palais de l’Automobile” collection was auctioned. The new owner, François Besson, decided to have Edmond Ciclet’s Parisian Garage review and service it. The handwritten registration with the number 2470 TP 06 is recognisable on a photo of the time. Ciclet was pleasantly surprised by the overall condition of the car, and only recommended minor work to it.

Precisely one year later, the car received its registration in Paris with the number 777 JBH 75. Up until 2010, the then supercar was often seen gracing the streets of Paris. The subsequent owner was Jacques François Joubert, from Versailles. A copy of the Certificat d’Immatriculation notes the registration AT 352 DS.

A dealer discovered chassis #1120176 in the carpark of the Grand Sambuc racing circuit in 2017. He managed to buy it, in order to sell it to the last owner (one of a total of just five).

Up until now, this special, wonderful LP400 has never been completely restored. Recently the Lamborghini specialist (and icon!) Valentino Balboni was able to take a close look at the car. His summary was enthusiastic. The very high originality and quality are in effect rare. Chassis-, motor- and serial number all fit together. The interior, and many other details are still entirely original. Technically the car has a very high level. A test drive carried out by Balboni also revealed how finely-tuned the carburetor is. The motor runs wonderfully softly and powerfully. The transmission works perfectly.

Just 152 LP400 Periscopio cars were made in their original form, making chassis #1120716 a coveted collector’s item – and an icon, if not THE icon from Santa Agata. As probably the only surviving LP400 in Oro Metallizzato Longchamp, this Countach enjoys even more special status. The car is undoubtedly a valorisation for every serious collection. Where better can you feel the flair, glamour and night fever of the 1970s?

SK_S Kreis Outline


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