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959 Sport

Make: Porsche
Model: 959 Sport
Year of Manufacture: 1988
Km: 500
Exterior: Guards red
Price: Sold

Key Facts:


Porsche built the 959 as a “driving laboratory”, showcasing what was possible in terms of technology and performance in the 80’s. With futuristic systems such as adjustable suspension, intelligent four-wheel-drive, tyre pressure sensors, and super lightweight magnesium wheels, it is no wonder that even at a sticker price of 300.000 USD, Porsche lost money on every single car. Powered by a 450-bhp engine sending the car at speeds approaching the 200 mph, the car reached 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds.

Porsche built two versions of the road 959: the Komfort and the Sport. Of the 292 examples ever produced, only 29 were Sport versions. The Sport boasted a fully leather wrapped rollcage with four-point racing harnesses and cloth upholstery. The differences didn’t stop here: mechanically, the car was equipped with more conventional coil-over suspension. The engineers in Weissach went the extra mile, chasing every kilogramme, and deleting the air conditioning and stereo, saving a total of 220 pounds over a Komfort car.


Our car, chassis #905005, was sold to its first owner Steven M. Bren of California, in June 1989 from the factory in Stuttgart. The car was finished in Guards red over a dark grey leather interior on the 15th September of year 1988, advertised on the bill from Porsche as a 959 US Rennversion (race version), for a total sum of 336.300 USD. On the 26th of May 1989, Porsche sends a mail informing the buyer that the car wasn’t allowed in the USA, stating the possibility of full refund, or the option of buying the car in Germany, if the buyer insisted.

In December 15th of 1989, car dealer Hans Saturski from Frankfurt, Germany, bought the 959S from the owner, Steven M. Bren, through two brokers: Ken Tompor Auto Brokers and Lambo-Motor in Switzerland. The selling price was of one million Deutschmark, with the agreement of delivering the car to Frankfurt airport. Customs documents show that Mr. Saturski had to pay 140.000 DM in fees to import the car to Germany. On the other hand, he was charged 122.000 DM from Lambo-Motor, for securing the deal.

In January of 1990, Hans Satursky sells chassis #905005 to his client, Günter Drees from Germany, for 1.482.000 Deutschmark. Mr. Dees would then sell the car back to Saturski a year later for the sum of 342.000 DM, with 522 miles on the clock. Two years later, Mr. Saturski is required to deliver an export report document stating the reason of the large gap between purchase and sale price.

Hans Saturski sold the car a second time, in February of 1998, to the company Marcom based in Frankfurt, Germany, for 400.000 DM. In October of 2002, Marcom contacts Porsche AG to collect some information on their car, chassis #905005. Porsche answers and sends a certificate, which states the key production data of the car, such as the original colors, specifications, and date of delivery. Marcom sold the car back to Hans Saturski in December 2006 for the sum of 290.000 Euros, who sells the 959 again, with 522 miles on the clock, to SPS Middle East in Dubai for 250.000 Euros.

With 29 cars ever built, this remains one of the most desirable Porsche models, with a substantial premium over “standard” 959 Komfort models. We are proud to have sold the car to a loyal customer of our, together with other exquisite collection pieces.

SK_S Kreis Outline


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