There aren’t many moments we feel as proud as when we see a car we curated being used as intended, especially when the car in question is an old Ferrari. You can then imagine that showing up at this year’s Ferrari Cavalcade and seeing four cars very close to our hearts eating up the miles in Italy was almost tear moving. Four very special Ferrari’s we found new caretakers for were back in their birth country, and they didn’t skip a beat while driving up the dolomites.

classic ferrari
We are of course talking about 3409GT, 5061GT, 06601, and 14857. One of our favourite collector pieces we have ever sold, chassis 3409GT, is a Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta we imported from the United States and have had the chance to sell twice in Germany. Born as a steel version in May 1962 and delivered in native Italy through Crepaldi in Milan, it was imported to California in 1970, and received a state-of-the-art restoration at Paul Russell and Company. It received several awards, naley Best in Show and Best in lass at the Lime Rock Concours and Amelia Island Concours, and won Platinum Award at the Ferrari Classiche Concours d’Eleganza at the Finali Mondiali in 2016. We bought the car from America in 2018 and sold it to one of Munich’s and Germany’s most important Ferrari collections at the time. We sold it once more, in 2020, to its current caretaker who has enjoyed driving it this summer, a lot.
classic ferrari
5061GT is a rare 330 America, often mistaken for a 250 GTE but actually a completely different animal. Fifty of them were ever made, and it is believed that a lot less are still alive today. But more than its excellent power delivery, it is the specification of this very car that made it one of our favourite to handle: take a moment to appreciate its Azzuro Acrilico body on its Blu leather interior. Absolutely stunning. We found a new home to 5061GT a few years ago and it’s been the current owner’s favourite car he ever owned.
classic ferrari
We have a soft spot for the 275 GTB, arguably Ferrari’s prettiest and most complete car from the 60’s. We had the chance of handling an early 275 GTB/2, chassis 06601, which we’ve sold in 2019 to a great friend who’s been using it since at every Cavalcade Classiche. Sold new through Luigi Chinetti in New York in 1964, it wasn’t until in the early 2000’s that this 275 came back to Europe. We curated the car from a collection in South Germany and found a new German home for it.
classic ferrari
And least but not least, we recently handled the stunning Daytona Spider chassis 14857, finished in Grigio Ferro over a Pelle Rossa interior. The new owner didn’t waste time and had the car up and ready for its first big outing.
classic ferrari
The Daytona Spider and the 330 America are maintained by our Engineering department and received an inspection before and after the Cavalcade. Our mechanics listen to the needs of these technological masterpieces and make sure they perform flawlessly so that no bad surprises invite themselves during the event. We transport the cars from our storage in Munich to Italy and back, and make sure the customer drives his car with the mind at peace.
classic ferrari
F40 Larus Full 11


From the moment we presented the green F40 to the world in April 2023, the Ferrari has received a huge social media coverage, which encouraged us to drive the car even more and thus share it with more enthusiasts. Thanks to our friend Guglielmo from LARUSMIANI, we are able to display it here in Milano at The Automotive Gallery of LARUSMIANI, for you all to enjoy. Feel free to tag us and LARUSMIANI in your social media posts and stories. The F40 will be displayed at LARUSMIANI until the 15th of January 2024.

F40 Larus Full 15


All Ferrari F40’s was born red. With an estimated 1,311 examples leaving the factory, some owners to change the colour of their cars even when new. Most famously the Sultan of Brunei had Pininfarina produce a run of F40s in various shades to satisfy his desire for a unique specification.

Meanwhile some cars were used, but most were stored in collections, covering only a few thousand kilometres in their whole existence. A shame, as Nicola Materazzi’s masterpiece was meant to be driven. And fortunately, our car falls into this second category, it was driven and enjoyed! Initially in the hands of its first German owner then whilst in the care of the German Ferrari Owner’s Club’s president Mr. Gardemann, both of whom covered several thousand kilometers in the F40!

F40 Larus Full 8

By the time we acquired chassis 88538, it had covered 27,000km and received a questionable repaint job in its original rosso corsa, which motivated us to come up with an interesting approach: Repaint it in a historic Ferrari colour and drive it until “its wheels fall off”, and ultimately to share this remarkable car with the world.

F40 Larus Full 4

The colour choice wasn’t an easy one, with so many beautiful shades to choose from. We could have chosen a conservative colour, a gunmetal grey for example, or a dark blue, all great shades that suit the F40’s shape. But we wanted something special, a colour that wasn’t only controversial, but that also has a deep significance in Ferrari’s history. Our search included all eras of Ferrari race cars, and at the end, only one racing legend stood out: Sir Stirling Moss’ 250 GTO, chassis 3505GT, painted in an iconic pale green colour which characterized Laystall Racing Team’s cars. Called Verde Pallido, the shade has been updated by Ferrari through the years to change from a slight yellowish green to a more blueish colour, which earned our F40 the name “Minty Forty” by its many fans and followers. To complement the light green exterior, we decided to give another nod to Ferrari’s racing legend by opting for a blue fabric interior.

F40 Larus Full 2


In collaboration with the leading scale model manufacturer Amalgam, we have developed a homage to our iconic Ferrari F40, painted in Verde Pallido over a blue leather interior. By offering this very special accurate replica in scale 1:18, limited to 300 pieces worldwide, we wanted to make sure that our fans could own a piece of the Verde Pallido F40’s legacy. Made to the highest quality standards by the craftsmen at Amalgam, licensed by Ferrari, and accompanied by a premium display case as well as a descriptive booklet.

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